About me - From coder to creator

With a robust background spanning over 9 years in software development, I've mastered the art of building not just systems, but solutions. In my consulting work, I apply my deep knowledge in Blockchain to help clients implement, understand and effectively use the technology. Whether it's simplifying complex concepts or coding solutions to specific needs, my focus is on delivering clear, tangible results.

Apart from my development and consulting work I build my own products as an Indiehacker (An Indiehacker, is a self-reliant innovator who single-handedly conceptualizes, develops, and markets software projects or businesses, aiming to attain both financial independence and the liberty to express creative ideas.)

When I'm not coding or working, I love to do sports. Especially surfing while traveling around the world as a part-time digital nomad.

I'm a firm believer in the power of community and knowledge sharing. This belief drives my active engagement on social media, where I share insights and connect with fellow tech enthusiasts. If you're keen on Blockchain, or just want to follow my adventures in technology and travel, let's connect and explore the future together.

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